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About us

CroClubs is a P2E turn-based combat game environment consisting of different NFT collections where each collection forms a club within the game. Collections give access to special utilities such as staking, giveaways, DAO of the project. The game will allow you to battle other clubs’ members but your own club members as well.

The first club is the Werewolf Club. All 1500 unique algorithmically generated characters of the Werewolf Club will have different rarities and will consist of 365 hand-drawn traits. 10 rarest wolves are legendaries and are completely hand-drawn, which will provide additional rights to the holders. The rarity table will be released right after the mint.

Each stage of the project will bring in new characters to the game. Wait for the Vampire Club as the next one!

The exact date and time of Werewolf Club's drop is at April 21st - 20.00 UTC

All brought to you by CroClubs' multinational team of 11 members, located in various countries.


In the year 2666, 9th of June, the government of Perdita decided to conduct an experiment of a newly found bio-warfare weapon.

The lead scientist Dr. Corso, the mad genius of genetic engineering, had created a toxic stem cell which would attack the subject's body in a gruesome speed, leaving behind only a decayed body. The plan, if the experiment was indeed a success, was to use robotically guided bees to perform the injection for messes. It was the perfect weapon and it was time to test it on a human subject.


Stage 1

  • Establish the team
  • Setting up the social media channels
  • Release of the Story Episode 1
  • Launch of the website
  • Building the community
  • Werewolf Club NFT drop
  • Secondary market listing
  • Release of the rarity table
  • Staking ecosystem selection and integration
  • Meet the artist Event with exclusive avatars for top 10 holders
  • P2E game environment demo reveal
  • Reveal of next stage details

Stage 2

  • Giveaways for marketing and community
  • Surprise merchandise giveaway to selected NFT trades
  • Release of the Story Episode 2
  • Vampire Club NFT drop
  • Airdrop to legendary Wolf holders
  • P2E Game beta version launch
  • Testing of beta version with exclusive benefits to players
  • Weekly game competitions
  • DAO/verified member formation for reward distribution
  • Release of the full story
  • Reveal of the next drops details


Werewolf King

Legendary CroClubber









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